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4 Types of Integration Options in the Vivantio Platform


When considering an ITSM platform, it’s always important to understand how it will work with your other tools. The Vivantio Platform comes with a number of different integration options to help you get data in and out of Vivantio. Let’s look at the four most common types of software that can be integrated with Vivantio.


If you are using or considering to use Vivantio, there is a good chance you have end users who are logging support tickets with you. So, it makes sense to have key information such as what asset each ticket is associated with or how to contact your end user stored in Vivantio. We offer a number of integration options to connect to your CRM or Asset Management tools.


Asset management isn’t the only kind of software we work with. You might also have tools that capture and record information on your assets or network such as:

  • SCCM
  • Spiceworks

If you want it on hand for your ITSM toolset in order to track repeat issues, the impact of upcoming changes, or tracking scheduled maintenance, we can connect with those tools as well.


You might have tools that proactively monitor your IT assets. This can help you track when servers go down or assets are failing. Vivantio can connect with your monitoring tools in order to help automate support for when these events occur.


If you house an internal development team, there is a good chance they use application lifecycle tools such as:

Vivantio allows your support team to connect with these tools in order to connect your teams and share key data.

These are only a few examples of the types of software Vivantio can integrate with. Please contact our support team if you have any questions about specific integrations.

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