Optimizing IT Support & Assets: Quality Brands, Vivantio & Lansweeper



The rapid expansion across geographical locations and the increasing complexity of back-office operations presented unique challenges, particularly in IT service management and asset monitoring.

The Customer

Quality Brands Group is an independent and expanding franchise group operating numerous Dunkin’ and Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the United States. With a diverse range of store locations primarily in Arizona, Quality Brands Group prides itself on its positive, enthusiastic team and their commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

The Need

As Quality Brands Group grew, so did their IT-related needs. The group faced the arduous task of managing over 90 support requests per week, scattered across numerous locations. Before adopting a formal solution, support request management was predominantly conducted through email or SharePoint forms, a method that lacked efficiency, traceability, and scalability.

In addition, the company’s IT department was tasked with monitoring and managing 240 endpoints, a requirement not just crucial for operational efficiency but also for compliance purposes. They needed an audit trail that could provide comprehensive visibility into their IT environment. With the planned expansion of new franchise locations and IT team members, Quality Brands needed a solution that could scale with their growth.

“Before Vivantio, we were handling all our IT support requests via email or SharePoint forms, which was not only inefficient but also lacked the traceability we needed. With Vivantio, we can manage these tickets in a far more streamlined and efficient manner.” –Adam Lewis, IT Director

The Solution

In response to these challenges, Quality Brands Group implemented Vivantio’s IT service management solution, integrated with Lansweeper’s asset management solution. This integrated solution provided a comprehensive approach to service and asset management, empowering Quality Brands Group to streamline their processes and keep pace with their growth.

“The Vivantio/Lansweeper integration was a game-changer for us. Not only does it allow us to keep track of all our IT assets, but it also provides an invaluable audit trail for compliance purposes. This gives us peace of mind knowing that our IT operations are not just efficient, but compliant.” –Adam Lewis, IT Director


Under the leadership of IT Director, Adam Lewis, Quality Brands Group integrated Vivantio’s IT service management solution with Lansweeper’s asset discovery platform. Vivantio’s solution was effectively utilized to assign, monitor, and close IT support tickets efficiently. In addition, Lansweeper’s asset discovery integration brought crucial visibility of IT assets into Vivantio’s service management platform. This integrated approach allows Quality Brands Group to manage and keep track of their IT assets, and incorporate asset data with ticketing, all within Vivantio.

“Thanks to the integration between Vivantio and Lansweeper, we can manage our IT support requests and assets in a more streamlined and efficient manner. This integration has not only improved our operational efficiency, but it has also given us the traceability we needed, especially when it comes to compliance.” -Adam Lewis, IT Director


Quality Brands Group has experienced a transformative shift in their IT service and asset management through the integration of Vivantio and Lansweeper. Now, the team can handle over 90 support requests per week that used to be managed manually, significantly improving efficiency and responsiveness.

Lansweeper’s integration into Vivantio has also given Quality Brands Group an audit trail for their 240 endpoints, an essential factor in maintaining regulatory compliance and mitigating potential IT risks.

The integration of Vivantio and Lansweeper’s solutions has created a scalable framework that grows with the company. As Quality Brands Group continues to add new locations, they can do so confidently, knowing that their IT service and asset management needs will all be efficiently met within Vivantio’s platform.

“Vivantio and Lansweeper have transformed our IT service management. Their solutions are scalable, meaning they grow with us as we add new locations. This is crucial for us given our aggressive expansion strategy.” –Adam Lewis, IT Director


The successful integration of Vivantio and Lansweeper’s solutions has enabled Quality Brands Group to tackle their growing IT needs effectively while ensuring compliance. This integration illustrates the power of a unified IT service and asset management solutions for organizations experiencing rapid growth. As Quality Brands Group continues to expand, Vivantio will remain the foundation of their IT operations, enabling seamless IT operations across their expanding enterprise.

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