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Delivery: Vivantio Core Integration

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Why Use Jira

Integrate Vivantio with Jira to establish a seamless communication channel between service management and development teams. This integration ensures that all team members stay informed regardless of the tool they use daily, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Customer requests fielded in Vivantio can directly create issues in Jira when needed. As updates occur in Jira, they are automatically fed back to Vivantio, ensuring customers receive timely updates.



The Jira Integration features within Vivantio can be broadly categorized based on the direction of data flow.

Outbound from Vivantio to Jira

The following core processes are available to send data to Jira from Vivantio:

  • Create new Jira Issue from Vivantio ticket (automatically or manually)

  • Link Vivantio ticket to existing Jira Issue

  • Send Comment / Attachment from Vivantio ticket to linked Jira Issue

Inbound from Jira to Vivantio

For inbound communication, Vivantio makes use of Webhooks within Jira. Jira Webhooks allow data to be sent from Jira to Vivantio at configured points in time.

When Vivantio receives a Webhook from Jira, a number of actions can be taken, including (but not limited to):

  • Changing the Owner, Status, or Priority of the Vivantio ticket(s) linked to the Issue

  • Updating Vivantio ticket title, description, or custom fields
  • Adding Notes / Sending Emails to the ticket Owner, ticket Customer, or other parties
  • Creating a new Vivantio ticket


Vivantio makes use of its built-in Jira s integration as well as custom Web methods to create a seamless, bi-directional integration between Vivantio and Jira.

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