Vivantio’s New Integration with Microsoft Power BI

As a provider of a Unified Service Management Platform, Vivantio allows you to seamlessly switch on integrations with virtually any other essential business application for a holistic view of your customers. Whether it’s JIRA, Active Directory or, as we will show you today, Microsoft Power BI, you can easily use these tools in concert with each other to get the data your team needs.


Using real-time data to achieve true continuous improvement is an integral part of any service management solution. These reports allow you to make informed decisions about your day-to-day activity, future planning, and evaluation of performance. Vivantio offers both custom dashboards as well as a robust built-in reporting tool within the solution alongside an out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Power BI that allows you access to even more interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities.


From Power BI, you can connect with the Vivantio OData Feed.


All you need to do is specify the URL of your Vivantio instance.


Once connected, you can select the data items in Vivantio that you wish to include in your Power BI reports.


You also have the opportunity to bring data from your custom fields into Power BI.


Once connected, Power BI will load your Vivantio data set and you can start building reports and dashboards using the full functionality of Power BI.


If your organization uses Power BI and you don’t have it integrated with Vivantio yet, give it a try and take advantage of the full power of your service management solution!


If you would like a quick demo or consultation on how Vivantio can empower your teams to elevate your customer experience, contact us.

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