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Capita Travel and Events Improves Ticket Resolution Time with Vivantio ITSM


Find out how Vivantio’s service management software tool improved ticket resolution time and increased service levels for the UK’s largest professional services company.


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  • Capita Travel and Events is a subsidiary of Capita, the largest professional services and business services outsourcing company in the UK.
  • As the name might imply, Capita Travel and Events specializes in helping businesses manage their travel and meeting arrangements.
  • Capita Travel and Events’ service desk team operates as a smaller unit within the Business Technology department.

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Looking to upgrade their IT service workflow, Fox started to investigate options beyond Service Desk. Previously, Capita Travel & Events operated primarily under a manual email-to-ticket process. They also generated forms using Microsoft Word to be sent to each end-user individually. This generated a lot of extra work that Fox was looking to offload from her team. Capita Travel & Events also wanted to simplify support processes for their customers.

While weighing her options in the service management market, Fox and management ultimately made the decision to go with Vivantio ITSM. She enjoyed the look and feel of the system compared to others. She also found that the other solutions that she was evaluating did not match up in the combination of ease of use and technical capability.

As her team doesn’t specialize in software development, it was important that the system was logically set up and easy to figure out.

“Vivantio ITSM is actually a really nice surprise, because it does so much more and is a lot nicer to work with when compared to other systems.”

Jenny Fox, Service Team Leader at Capita Travel and Events


After working with Vivantio’s Implementation team to make the change over to the ITSM platform, Fox started seeing the improvements she wanted right away. Her team has since utilized the custom built-in forms to increase the information technicians get on a ticket, which has led to faster resolution times. Because the forms can be iterated on within the system, the team has also found it easy to run experiments around improving them.

Another unforeseen benefit that Fox has seen with ITSM is the custom roles and responsibility assignments. Because Capita’s Management Information team also makes use of the system, it made it even easier for other members of the organization to get the information they need without disrupting the core workflow of the service team.

Fox understands that her team can benefit even more from Vivantio’s system in the future, as underutilized parts of the system like Asset Management will get built out further, Fox foresees her service team at Capita getting a tremendous amount of value out of Vivantio ITSM.

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