Streamline Your Ticket Management With Leading Industry Best Practices

Ticket management is key to speeding up customer service and improving its quality. Time saved on routing and responding to helpdesk tickets can be invested in offering more personalized, in-depth assistance once an associate contacts a client. This is why efficient ticket management isn’t just about speed but also quality.

There are many benefits to improving the customer service management process, but choosing the most research-based approaches is key to making the most significant improvements at the lowest possible cost. To help businesses take the right step forward, we are going to go over the ticket management best practices that we recommend implementing first:

  • Implement a quality CSM software
  • Provide hands-on training to employees
  • Use analytics to identify points for continual improvement

Implement a Quality CSM Software

The most effective way to improve the entire customer service management process is by overhauling the platform on which it is based. A quality CSM/ITSM software can offer the basic fundamentals like automated ticket routing, self-service CS portals for clients, and customer surveys. 

While these are enough to see a decent improvement for smaller businesses, those that are looking to grow and elevate the customer experience will want a more high-level software that can offer more unique benefits like the following:

  • Customized workflow designs to tailor the platform’s experience to the business utilizing it
  • A complete and holistic view of each customer with all vital information on-hand so every exchange can be streamlined and personalized
  • White-label self-service portals to keep a cohesive brand on a business website
  • A holistic approach that allows your business to become more proactive and proactive

Consider a growth-focused platform like Vivantio. The primary point of issue, though, is implementing some kind of high-level CSM software, as its features are going to make an instant and significant impact on the quality of a business’s customer service. That is, as long as it is paired with the next two ticket management best practices.

Provide Hands-On Training to Employees

A great software platform is nothing without associates that are well-trained to operate it. This means that every single employee needs to get hands-on training with the platform before they are expected to operate it. The better trained associates are with the platform, the more efficient they can be with their time. This leaves them more time to focus on the parts of their job that software can’t accomplish, like better live call support, or providing more in-depth information to clients with questions or concerns.

This is how operating a platform improves both efficiency and quality. Getting employees trained to automate their workflow through the software gives them more freedom to provide best-in-class customer support. 

This isn’t about creating a completely automated customer experience that takes the job of an associate; it is about allowing the CSM platform to handle the logistics so that talented service workers can focus on what they do best. In doing so, you elevate, empower, and enable your operations and teams to truly provide the best customer experience possible.

Use Analytics to Identify Points of Improvement

Once the new CSM framework is live, there will be an adjustment period wherein management and executives will need to keep their eye on the analytics provided by the software to figure out where they can continually improve their operations.

This may look like discovering that customers are complaining about slow response times, which could trigger a greater focus on training CSAs on operating the administrative side of the platform. Another example would be noticing that there are many repeat complaints from clients with tech support questions. Support staff may need more live call or email training to ensure they are giving thorough and actionable responses to questions.

No matter where a business needs to improve, the data gathered by a high-level CSM platform will guide leadership in the right direction in regard to focal points of training and investment. Analytics are key to making your business more predictive and proactive.

Utilize Ticket Management Best Practices with Vivantio

While each of the benefits listed in this article works wonders for businesses, it won’t help if managers choose a platform that doesn’t offer all the necessary features. Vivantio offers a cutting-edge customer service software platform that offers everything listed and more, including:

  • Endless integrations to make implementation easy
  • Automatic ticket routing to ensure every ticket gets to the proper agent
  • Workflow designer tool that allows managers to customize the framework of their CS operations without any technical knowledge required
  • White label service portals so businesses can maintain a cohesive brand throughout the service process
  • Holistic view of each client to elevate and improve the customer experience 

For businesses looking to bring their customer experience into the modern age, Vivantio is an ideal option.

For more than two decades, Vivantio has been helping clients optimize their service organizations by leveraging a unified service management platform. To find out how Vivantio can help you with ticket management best practices, contact our team today or register for a free demo.

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