ITSM Solution Expands into Finance & Accounting

Is your service management solution meeting the needs of all your service departments?

Vivantio’s service management tool is flexible for a reason – that’s what our customers need. No matter what industry you serve, our service management software can meet the unique demands of any department receiving internal or external requests, like Accounting and Finance, for one.

Watch the video to learn why Vivantio has become a popular solution for accounting and finance teams around the world.

Did you know that while many of our customers originally explored our product strictly for IT purposes, they quickly discovered just how easy it is to add service categories and customize ticket types to accommodate the needs of other business units. Vivantio’s versatile platform is being used as a service solution not only for technical support, but also for Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Claims, Quality, Facilities Management, Corporate Services, and many more.

Saving Time and Money

While it’s no surprise that Vivantio is used by technical support (IT) the most, Accounting and Finance was a close second. With Vivantio, users can gain control and insight of their department with the ability to track, prioritize, and process incoming finance-related requests. Here are more reasons why it’s a popular tool for this department:

  • Control costs by streamlining routine processes with automated workflows.
  • Reduce the time it takes to get approvals and manage purchase orders.
  • Stay informed of all requests the team is managing with custom dashboards.
  • Manage end-user requests via the self-service portal.

In addition, users appreciate the platform’s codeless, drag-and-drop design, and intuitive interface. Changes can be made to the system without the need for a programmer – now, that’s a nice feature for non-technical departments.

Considering the wide range of fiscal responsibilities that are task-related, it’s easy to see why so many Accounting and Finance departments count on Vivantio’s service management platform to manage the requests of both internal and external clients–ranging from contractors, suppliers, and employees–so they can focus on being responsive, accurate, and compliant.

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