How To Leverage Software to Improve Customer Service Efficiency

In the modern world of B2B, all organizations now have to be hyper-focused on service. And not just within the customer service teams, but right across the entire fabric of the organization. Good customer service across the board is an organization’s key to customer retention and expansion.

Because, consumers tend to seek out businesses that they know will take better care of them both during and after the sale, 84% of businesses that focus on improving their customer experience see an increase in revenue. This begs the question: What are the most effective ways to improve the customer experience and customer service efficiency?

The Benefit of Software for Customer Service Efficiency

Today, cutting-edge customer service software lays the best possible foundation. By leveraging a quality software platform, managers can empower their Customer Service (CS) departments to do the following:

Let’s dive into each of these functions, how software helps accomplish them, and how they benefit a business.

Automate CS Operations to Improve Efficiency

Quality software helps ditch antiquated manual ticket review systems that inundate customer service employees, and lead to slow response times for customers. They do this by automating many of the functions involved with a traditional ticketing system, thereby speeding up the time between a customer request or complaint and the response.

They do this by:

  • Automating the ticket routing process to ensure tickets always land with the right employees
  • Allowing employees and management to schedule actions in advance so that a deadline is never forgotten
  • Allowing for modular input of workflow structures, escalation criteria, approval requirements, and many other circumstances that typically require manual review

Implementing a new platform isn’t about creating a bland, cold customer service robot. Instead, it is about automating the processes that simply eat up a business’s money and time so that customers can get assistance from well-trained CS associates as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Simplify the Online Customer Experience

Almost any service provider can quickly and easily streamline a sales process, but customer service is inherently more complicated. If the customer service experience isn’t efficient, it can lead to frustrated customers that are less likely to reach out for help, leading to less satisfied buyers that aren’t as likely to purchase again.

By implementing a customer service efficiency platform, businesses can create a self-service portal for their consumers. This allows for a personalized and detailed complaint and support process that makes reaching out a much more inviting prospect. 

On top of improving customer service efficiency, businesses can gain a 360-degree view of their customers. How? Building a holistic customer approach happens when you deploy a unified platform with features like intelligent routing, omnichannel support, case deflection, integrations with other line of business systems, and more. 

Inform Training With Quality Analytics

CS training is only as good as the information on which it is based. While general theoretical principles can be a decent basis, having extensive data like customer satisfaction surveys, repeat purchase frequency, recorded calls, and saved emails make for a much better-informed training process. This data is collected to continuously improve the customer service experience based on industry best practices, customer feedback, and other data.

With this data, organizations can take the steps necessary to become a more predictive business that proactively anticipates customer needs ahead of time. Predictive businesses analyze customer interactions to identify patterns and trends. This way, they can prevent issues before they happen and keep customer interactions positive. 

For example, existing data allows management to expose new employees to common situations that they will run into working for their new employer. There is nothing more valuable than running through real-life situations for live call and email training. 

Improve Customer Service Efficiency with Vivantio

While each of the benefits listed in this article works wonders for businesses, it won’t help if managers choose a platform that doesn’t offer all the necessary features. Vivantio offers a cutting-edge customer service software platform that provides everything listed and more, including:

  • Endless integrations to make implementation easy
  • Workflow designer tool that allows managers to customize the framework of their CS operations without any technical knowledge required
  • White label service portals so businesses can maintain a cohesive brand throughout the service process

For businesses looking to bring their customer experience into the modern age, Vivantio is a no-brainer option. Vivantio is the only service management solution that allows you to take charge of and empower your teams through rapid configurability. Enable effortless operations and elevate your customer experience for a future-ready business today.

For more than two decades, Vivantio has been helping clients optimize their service organizations by leveraging a unified service management platform. To find out how Vivantio can help you improve customer service efficiency, contact our team today or register for a free demo.

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How to Leverage Software to Improve Customer Service Efficiency
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