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Microsoft Teams is a way of collaborating and communicating with colleagues or customers through a chat-based platform, such as a group chat, a video call, or a web conference. Microsoft Teams can help service and support teams to share information, files, or feedback, create and assign tasks, schedule and join meetings, or host live events, within different channels or teams

Delivery: Vivantio Core Integration, Web Hooks and Albato

Microsoft Teams

Why Use Microsoft Teams

Enable your customers to create, check the status of, update, and close tickets right from within Microsoft Teams using the Vivantio Teams Bot. Vivantio can also send automatic and ad-hoc notifications to Teams channels using Vivantio’s built in webhooks and our integration platform partner, Albato, extends Vivantio’s built in Microsoft Teams integration further.

Microsoft Teams


The Microsoft Teams Integration features within Vivantio can be broadly categorized based on the direction of data flow.

Outbound from Vivantio to Microsoft Teams

The following core processes are available to send data to Microsoft Teams from Vivantio:

  • Send notifications from Vivantio to a Microsoft Teams channel

  • Use Microsoft Teams Adaptive Cards to display information about the notificaiton

  • Link back to the ticket in Vivantio

  • Create a new channel in Microsoft Teams

  • Send direct chat messages

Inbound from Microsoft Teams to Vivantio

For inbound communication, Vivantio makes use of our own Vivantio Teams Bot

  • Create a new ticket

  • Show me my tickets

  • Add notes to tickets

  • Close Tickets

  • Automations in Vivantio based on a new message or chat in Microsoft Teams

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