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Vivantio Software Transforms Service Management for Planet Financial Group


After a procurement process for a service desk solution, Vivantio quickly became a contender based on ease of use, cost, installation time and learning curve for users. Since implementation, Vivantio Service Desk has changed the way Planet Financial Group does business.


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Planet Financial Group, a group of financial companies specialising in residential mortgage loans, prides itself on the outstanding levels of customer service it provides to customers – particularly as it helps to guide them through uncertain economic times.

Recently, it took the decision to give customer satisfaction a further boost by adopting Vivantio’s leading ticketing system for its service management.

Having previously used spreadsheets for their in-house service management, Planet Financial Group decided it needed to increase capacity and streamline the ticketing process. The objective was simple: to ensure that the internal team performed effectively, and that customers’ tickets were resolved fast.

As a rapidly growing company, Planet Financial Group also wanted to ensure good foundations were in place before scaling up. As a result, it started a detailed procurement process reviewing leading competitors, taking into consideration ease of use, cost, installation time and learning curve.

Quite simply, Vivantio has changed the way we do business. We’ve become smarter in the way we work. We’re implementing different strategies to improve performance. We’ve resolved our issues with first contact resolution and the support team work more efficiently. It’s made a huge difference to our business.

Michael Canigilia, Planet Financial Group


Almost immediately, Vivantio emerged as the leading contender.

“It was obvious from the start that Vivantio’s service management system was the simplest and easiest to use, yet powerful and feature-rich,” explains Michael Canigilia, technical director for Planet Financial Group. “We didn’t need an over-complicated system with excessive licensing costs and
Vivantio offered the ideal solution to meet our needs and budget.”

Vivantio is flexible and comes as an on-site install or SaaS solution. For ease, speed of set-up and scalability, Planet Financial Group opted for the web based solution.

The Vivantio Service Desk system allows customer tickets to be issued through a portal, ensuring that customers can track their
tickets at any time. There’s no delay and the process is seamless, making for a better customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

“The web based system allows instant access for multiple-users,” says Canigilia. “We can access the system anytime, anywhere – something that we were never able to do with our in-house solution. It’s enabled us to increase our productivity, prevent duplication of work and ensure we respond first time to customers.”

“What’s more, our customers can see the progress of their tickets in real-time so they can easily keep track of their progress. Customers are happy, which makes us happy.”

Vivantio Service Desk is also scalable and fully customisable, adapting and growing as business needs change.

“As we grow we can add the functionality that we need,” Canigilia confirms. “In particular, the opportunity to bring in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is important to us as it will ensure faster response times and even greater efficiency.”

Set up, training and support also come as standard with Vivantio, ensuring that the transition to the new system is trouble-free and that the service management team get up to speed as quickly as possible, minimising down-time.

“The demos and training sessions have been invaluable,” says Canigilia. “After a short series of training sessions, we were up and running within one day. The system is intuitive and so easy to use.”

“The follow up has been fantastic too. The customer service and after-sales support delivered by the Vivantio team has been excellent. We get the support that we need, just when we need it. The product and service is simply awesome.”

“Quite simply, Vivantio has changed the way we do business,” Canigilia concludes. “We’ve become smarter in the way we work. We’re implementing different strategies to improve performance. We’ve resolved our issues with first contact resolution and the support team works more efficiently. It’s made a huge difference to our business.”

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About the Author

Greg Rich is CEO and co-founder of Vivantio. Greg’s passion for customer service started at a very early age whilst working alongside his parents who owned a small, family residential home in Somerset, England. He spent several years volunteering for the Avon & Somerset police constabulary before finding his passion in customer service and support for Kinghtstone Housing Association, one of the UKs largest social landlord. Over the course of 10 years, Greg’s curiosity and creativity drove innovative and forward-thinking technology solutions to complex business problems within Social Housing. In 2003, Greg co-founded Vivantio and released the world’s first SaaS Helpdesk Solution in order to allow SME companies to provide better service to their customers.