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Azure Monitor is a monitoring and analytics software that helps service and support teams to collect and analyze data from their Azure resources and applications. Azure Monitor can help service and support teams to diagnose issues, optimize performance, and improve security.

Delivery: Vivantio Core Integration

Azure Monitor

Why Use Azure Monitor

Integrate alerts from Azure Monitor into your Vivantio system so that your service and support teams can monitor infrastructure and service alerts in real time and support your infrastructure platforms and services to your end users. Tickets can be linked to an alert in Azure Monitor so as the alert or issue in Azure Monitor progresses through its lifecycle the information is kept up to date in Vivantio and your support teams are working on the latest information as efficiently as possible. Link alerts to customers, callers or assets to get a holistic view of your incidents and keep track of trends against different objects in Vivantio.

Azure Monitor


Setting up a Web Method in Vivantio to receive the initial alert and updates to that alert allows you to seamlessly; create, update or close tickets that are linked to that alert in Azure Monitor. The calling of the Web Method can also trigger Vivantio business and escalation rules as required. All information can be stored in Vivantio’s core or customer fields and linked to assets or callers to provide the service and support team a full picture of the issue.

Configuring a Webhook in Vivantio to receive the alert:Send the alert from Azure Monitor to the Vivantio Webhook:

Send the alert from Azure Monitor to the Vivantio Webhook:

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