Vivantio ITSM Helps DriveTime Automate Key Business Processes Company-wide



Growing auto dealer chain leverages Vivantio ITSM platform to meet demands of expanding business and manage an increasing incident workload.

The Customer

A used car dealership network and automobile finance company focusing on buyers with credit issues. The company has 123 dealerships in 21 U.S. States, and more than 3,500 employees. DriveTime has sold more than 650,000 cars and lent in excess of $3 billion.

The Need

DriveTime is the United States’ largest auto dealer for people with credit issues. They have 120 retail locations, a bustling call center and 25 inspection centers where they recondition vehicles and prep them for sale.

Hampered by a restrictive, outdated IT Incident Management product, DriveTime’s IT team needed a new software solution that could grow with the company, manage an increasing incident workload and extend to support the unique business needs of other internal departments.

What started as an IT incident tool has expanded to around 40 different groups within DriveTime, supporting and processing about 125,000 incidents per year using Vivantio. – Michael Hofer, DriveTime

The Solution

DriveTime initially made the move to Vivantio to keep up with a rapidly increasing influx of IT support requests.

“It integrated easily into what we did and was a centralized location where we could do everything,” said Michael Hofer, associate systems engineer for DriveTime.

In the past five years, DriveTime has grown from 2,100 to 4,000 employees and the number of tickets coming across the company’s help desk has swelled from 50 to 75 a day to over 250. By utilizing ticket routing, automatic escalation and workflow through the built-in business rules engine, The Vivantio Platform automated many manual tasks, empowering the company’s IT department to take on the increased workload without adding any additional staff members.

Vivantio Platform’s increased efficiency was noted by other department leaders at DriveTime, who immediately requested to use the software for their own business needs, according to Hofer. Benefits, payroll, real estate, title support and other internal departments now utilize Vivantio to streamline, automate and integrate key business processes, with more in queue to onboard in the next year.

“At first it was just an IT incident tool, but it has expanded to about 40 different groups in DriveTime,” Hofer says. “We process about 125,000 incidents a year through that software, as far as providing support for the business.”

The company went from not having a set software solution for running business processes and operating within scattered email chains, Hofer says, to utilizing different SLAs, extensive color-coding and unique priorities and categories for each internal department. Built-in features like cross-browser compatibility and single sign-on massively increased efficiency across most every wing of operations at DriveTime.

DriveTime utilizes Vivantio’s built-in tools like groups, roles and permissions to segregate data in separate service areas, so departments like Payroll and Benefits can easily access payee material, social security numbers and addresses with a simple search but keep such sensitive information inaccessible to users in other departments.

With Vivantio’s streamlined processes in place, DriveTime is efficiently handling present-day tasks and is well prepared for future challenges as the company continues to grow and thrive.

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