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How does automation help?

Vivantio offers a number of automation tools to help streamline your processes. Put controls in place to track, monitor and ensure continued and improved service continuity.

Watch: Ticket Highlights and Alerts

Visualization of your tickets help identify those that might need more immediate attention such as those about to break your service level agreements, or tickets logged by customers with enhanced contracts.

  • Highlight row and text for visual impact
  • Identify requests that are about to breach SLA
  • Track which customers have not received a timely update
  • Highlight tickets from VIPs or important customers
  • Use icons to depict conditions such as alerts or high-impact incidents

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Delegate a Ticket’s Tasks to Other Vivantio Users

Create tasks for other service desk users, third parties and even customers to complete from within an instance of a ticket.

Scheduled Events and Automated Reports

Whether you need to make customer courtesy calls every month, revisit important IT processes weekly or have your facilities team inspect equipment bi-annually, The Vivantio Platform’s scheduling function can be configured to alert key team members or even carry out automated processes based on your unique scheduling needs.

You can also save time and eliminate hassle by generating automatic reports on any aspect of your operation, any time and as often as you like.

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