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System4u Upgrades SLA Tracking and More with Vivantio


After outgrowing an inflexible in-house system, this mobile device and data management firm enlisted Vivantio to enable SLA tracking, faster ticket resolution, and improved customer service.



System4u | system4u.com

Based in the Czech Republic, System4u deploys leading technologies for mobile device management and helps organizations digitize and modernize their workplaces and mobile workforces.

The only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to deploy all leading technologies for the corporate management of mobile devices (phones, laptops, or tablets) and members of the GEMA (Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance) Association.

With end-to-end mobile device management, System4u oversees everything from purchase and financing of devices to full infrastructure, virtualization, data storage and security, cloud application deployment, device support, and even recycling.

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Sometimes an in-house customer service management system is all you need. But sometimes with success comes more customers, more team members, and more expectations on your CSM (Customer Service Management) platform. That was the dilemma facing Jan Prudil, a System4u Service Desk Manager. As a leading technology company, System4u had developed their own tool for managing service tickets and client needs when he joined the team.

Unfortunately, the in-house system did not meet the specific needs of their service-level agreements (SLAs), including tracking tickets or employee time usage. In addition, the complex coding in the solution made it difficult to make changes or updates without additional help and the platform was proving to not be scalable.

“It could only do some basic ticket recording evidence,” Jan explains. “And any configuration had to be made by a programmer or developer.”


“Vivantio’s platform is an easy and useful system that is great for data and time recording. It’s an integral part of our Service Desk”

Jan Prudil, Service Desk Manager


After reviewing several platforms that had potential, Jan turned to Vivantio as the best value for System4u’s growing demands while providing multiple benefits they needed while staying within their budget. Vivantio’s cloud-based system and easy configuration offered additional selling points for Jan who says the versatility of Vivantio is better than the custom tool they had before and that configurations are so easy that “even I could do that now.”  

And according to Jan, System4u is seeing impressive results from Vivantio through a focus on ticket tracking SLAs. Just a few of the impressive changes include:  

  • Average time of ticket assignment to the right technician decreased by 85% (from 35 minutes to 5 minutes) 
  • Average age of ticket backlog was reduced by 30% (from 13 days to 8 days) 
  • Average time-to-first-qualified-answer decreased by 52% (from 5.4 hours to 2.6 hours) 

 Jan was also impressed with the self-service portal, e-mail capabilities, and the integration functionalities including webhooks and web methods that are becoming more important to their growing business. In addition, the accuracy of employee work time recorded improved by 60% using Vivantio’s time sheet checklist. 

 “The Vivantio platform is an easy and useful system that is great for data and time recording. It’s an integral part of our Service Desk,” says Jan.


System4u continues to leverage other features of the versatile Vivantio platform including Single Sign-On (SSO) and looks forward to reviewing a Microsoft Teams integration as well.

“All my team members use Vivantio every day,” Jan says. “The performance of the platform is stable and Vivantio’s communication around critical infrastructure, outages, releases, and improvements have kept me up to date. In addition to tickets and employee time, we are now able to track user satisfaction, number of complaints, and other KPIs.”  

With Vivantio’s help, System4u will continue to empower their teams with improvements in efficiency, exceed employee expectations and elevate their customer service.

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