Discover how Vivantio helped one of UK’s largest housing associations improve their service across the entire organisation.


Southern Housing Group |


  • Southern Housing Group currently manages about 27,000 properties across southern England.
  • Southern Housing Group currently has over 1,000 employees on their staff.
  • There are six different teams within Southern Housing Group that use Vivantio to provide internal service.

Housing Association


Southern Housing Group is a charitable housing association located in southern England. Steven Daly and Jason Brooks are Application Support Analysts on their IT team. The IT department handles incidents, service requests, and other issues for the Group.

As Southern Housing Group grew and business needs changed, the IT department discovered their previous solution could not handle the increasing ticket volume or expanding headcount of the team. The team and management soon realized that they needed a different solution to support their growth.

The data that Vivantio produces really helps us out in terms of changing how we work.
Jason Brooks, Southern Housing Group


After considering their options, the IT department decided to adopt Vivantio. They soon discovered that Vivantio helped to improve ticket resolution times.

Vivantio could also keep up with the Group’s expansion. Other departments started to outgrow their service management systems. Seeing the improvements in IT, their team leaders would start to look towards IT for a solution. In response, IT would help them get set up on Vivantio.

Beyond the efficiency improvements, Steven and Jason find the most value in Vivantio’s built-in reporting and KPI tracking.

“The data that Vivantio produces really helps us out in terms of changing how we work.”
Jason Brooks, Application Support Analyst, Southern Housing Group

Thanks to Vivantio, the IT department is armed with the data to assume a strong leadership role within Southern Housing Group. Currently, they are responsible for reporting on all service handled through Vivantio across all teams.

With the information Vivantio provides, they can properly address training and resourcing needs. Their team also has the data to build more efficient process flows. These refinements might feel like small steps. But, Steven and Jason recognize that they add up to a huge improvement in service. Even now, they are still finding more ways to drive value with Vivantio.


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