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Roles and Permissions Provide Data Control for Service Management Teams

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Roles and permissions are crucial because they determine who--and what departments--can perform certain operations and access particular (e.g., confidential) data within the software. In this video, Lauren, our content marketing specialist, provides an overview of the roles and permissions capabilities within the Vivantio platform.

The Differences Between Help Desk and Service Desk and Why it Matters

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The debate on the definition of a service desk versus a help desk has been ongoing. Help desks are point solutions and typically reactive. A service desk, however, is more business-centric and built on core ITIL principles and service lifecycle stages. Here's what's different between the two and why it matters.

How to Integrate Vivantio with Slack

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Looking for ITSM that integrate with Slack? Learn how Vivantio's IT service desk software makes sending messages to Slack easy with API integration and webhooks. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the step-by-step set-up, so you can communicate effectively and efficiently with your service team and customers.

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