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Excel with ITIL

Task Management

  • Maintain Ticket Ownership
  • Delegate Tasks to Users
  • Delegate Tasks to Customers
  • Track Task Progress
  • Schedule Auto Tasks
  • Report on Task Service Levels

Nothing like the real thing

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Client and Customer Managemement

Vivantio’s Client Management area is a built-in database of all the organizations and individuals with whom you work. Each client record shows you a complete picture of your interactions, including all service requests, support tickets, assets, implementations and an audit trail of work you’ve carried out.

Asset Management

Move beyond the headaches and shortcomings of manually tracking your IT inventories. Managing both hardware and software assets throughout the entire lifecycle promotes more help desk efficiency and generates better informed purchasing decisions.

Service Level Milestones & Customer SLAs

Move Beyond Single-Stage SLA

  • Configurable Service Levels
  • Definable Milestones like Response, Diagnose or Fix
  • SLA’s per Ticket Type
  • Client & Customer Specific SLA’s
  • SLA Reports, Charts and Dashboard
  • SLA Escalation and Routing Rules
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Configuration, not Customization

You won’t need consultants to make changes to your configuration. Vivantio provides all the tools you need to build and maintain your perfect service environment.


Tailor your service experience and stay nimble by customizing forms and fields at any time.


Don’t pigeon-hole your organization’s ticket categorization: leverage custom ticket types to maintain clarity and efficiency throughout all processes.


Empower different departments to leverage the Vivantio Platform for their unique needs while keeping data and processes segmented.

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Included Mobile Edition

A 100% web-based platform with Mobile Edition means the Vivantio Platform is always within reach.

Gather Valuable Data with Surveys

What data do you need?

  • End-user feedback on products or services
  • User feedback
  • Idea generation

Drive Business Value Beyond IT

Extend the power of Vivantio beyond your IT service desk by building separate designated Business Units. Processes can be streamlined and automated in:

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