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Vivantio Self-Service Features

When a customer calls to get an update on their ticket, it reduces the time you have to actually resolve their problems. Customize and configure your own Customer Self-Help program and improve customer service across your entire team.

Boost Customer Experience with Vivantio’s Self-Service Portal

  • Self-Service
  • Self-Service Portal Designer
  • Separate, Branded Portals
  • Mobile Edition
  • Inbound and Outbound Email
  • SMS Messaging

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Portals are Powerful

Leverage Vivantio’s Portal widget builder, custom themes and designs to create a custom Self-Service Portal and help customers help themselves.

If your organization has separate customer segments or provides a service to multiple groups under different brand umbrellas, take advantage of the widget builder’s easy drag-and-drop functionality, build separate portals and activate a top-notch customer experience that scales back the day-to-day demand of your service operation.

Control Your Data with Vivantio’s Roles and Permissions

Once you build a customer portal, control who can reach it and which data can and can’t be accessed.

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Why the Look and Feel of Your Self-Service Portal Matters

Most companies already recognize the importance of aesthetics and user experience in their corporate websites, as they are key to winning new business. A service-management portal is essentially an extension of the website and is all about servicing and retaining business, key factors for any company.