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Best Practices for Ticket Categorization

After decades of experience in the service management industry, and having worked with enterprise giants like Toshiba and Porsche, we’ve seen countless ticket categorization structures in practice. We’ve also seen first hand what works, what doesn’t work and why. As you well know, the ITIL framework does address best practices for ticket categorization, however, ITIL doesn’t highlight the elements that are crucial to getting it right.

A New Approach to Prioritizing Your Ticket System: The Evidence

This third and final installment in our A New Approach to Ticket Prioritization series will outline how a weighted approach to prioritizing your ticket system can be applied in practice. In this post, we will look to highlight the success of different weightings and their respective benefits and overall results.

Drive Business Growth With ITSM Reporting

Businesses today need to capitalize on the valuable business intelligence held within their business systems to ensure their long-term survival. Failure to do so when your competitors are, will see your business struggle to compete in its sector or achieve sustainable growth.

The Future of Service Management: Driving Business Value

Our previous post, The Future of Service Management: Learning from Past Success, introduced the concept that the historical role of ITSM within organizations is changing. A shift is taking place that will inevitably see the IT service management ethos spread throughout the firm – a step that will ultimately return more business value.

The Future of Service Management: Learning From Past Success

andy-walsh-vivantioAt Vivantio, we are looking to enhance the way in which IT service providers support businesses. Our recent three-part series - A New Approach to Ticket Prioritization – is testament to the work that Vivantio are doing to introduce innovative new approaches that afford real value for businesses.

Ticket Prioritization: A Better Approach

At Vivantio, we’ve been conducting research in order to develop an alternative approach to prioritizing tickets, so that fewer SLA breaches occur. As a result, we’re now looking to propose an innovative way of assigning priorities to tickets; one that is still primarily based on the ITIL model but takes ticket prioritization to the next level and ultimately returns the best business value.

Service Management: The Problem with Ticket Prioritization

The first in our three-part series entitled A New Approach to Ticket Prioritization, this post focuses on the ITIL best practice approach when it comes to the prioritization of tickets; the associated pros and cons of this; and the reality of implementing these in a real-world business environment that puts target resolution time firmly in the spotlight.

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