Stellar Service Management

Vivantio’s philosophy is simple: Cover your core ITIL principles, then go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience possible.

The Vivantio Platform allows you to focus in on the tools that make sense for your organization’s service model: from incident, problem and change requests to service requests and client, knowledge and asset management.

Mix and match the features of the Vivantio Platform to build your organization’s ideal service environment.

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Empowering Customer Self-Help

Customers are at the heart of what you do.

Vivantio provides your customers with all the tools they need to engage with your organization.

  • Self-Service
  • Self-Service Designer
  • Separate, Branded Portals
  • Mobile Edition
  • Inbound and Outbound Email
  • SMS Messaging
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Sleek Service Automation

Streamline your service strategy and think big.

Utilize Vivantio’s intuitive business rules engine to capture data, track important service milestones and trigger meaningful action. Contact customers, send internal reminders and generate insightful reports automatically.

Stop fire-fighting, boost efficiency and unleash your team’s full productivity.

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Insightful Reporting

From real-time statistics that enable you to deal with peaks in activity to historic trends enabling you to anticipate and prepare for the future, capture, compile and analyze the data you need.

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Seamless Integration

The Vivantio Platform integrates seamlessly with your team’s most important tools, unlocking a whole new level of service excellence.



Hundreds of companies trust and rely on the Vivantio platform every day to deliver service excellence to their customers.

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