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No Lipstick on this Pig! Vivantio have been delivering a true multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure for over 10 years.

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Aug 312015

The High Importance of High Availability in ITSM

As often as we preach the importance of streamlining recurring ITSM processes and speeding up the delivery of core offerings, nothing grinds customer service to a halt quite like a platform outage.

You’ll likely recall the […]

Apr 202015

Why the Look and Feel of Your Self-Service Portal Matters

Most companies already recognize the importance of aesthetics and user experience in their corporate websites, as they are key to winning new business. A service-management portal is essentially an extension of the website and is all about servicing and retaining business, key factors for any company.
Mar 92015

Forget Software Assumptions: Service Area Flexibility is Key

If there’s one thing we’re not going to do in this blog post, it’s tell you how your company’s service management strategy should be organized. In fact, we’re going to admit boldly, without hesitation: you are the best customer service expert around and you should make that call. What we are going to show you, however, is how your expertise can live in harmony with service management software by establishing separate, customized system areas with only the features you actually need.
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Featured Success Story


Hampered by a restrictive, outdated IT Incident Management solution, DriveTime’s IT team needed a new software solution that could grow with the company, manage an increasing incident workload and extend to support the unique business needs of other internal departments.